Made For Me's Calming Seasons: Things to Do as the -Ber Months Begin

Made For Me's Calming Seasons: Things to Do as the -Ber Months Begin

With the approaching holiday season, many of us look forward to celebrating with our families and loved ones. But there can also be heightened stress and anxiety associated with festivities. Perhaps, it is important to take time to reflect on what your intentions are for the upcoming holiday season and think how you can celebrate the months ahead with serenity.  

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of things that you can do ahead of time so you can enjoy your calm in the coming months ahead: 

  • Have Daily or Nightly Pampering Sessions. Take time for yourself always. You may find yourself often saying yes to every invitation because it’s one way we can express our gratitude this season of giving. But don’t forget to take time for self-care even if you find yourself in the position of visiting or traveling for the holidays. Whatever your stress-reliever is – be it yoga, journaling, or working out – make sure that you find time and space to maintain these habits during the holidays. 
  • Take a social media break. 2021 study involving 132 people found that limiting social media use for a week improved their well-being with lessened sleep problems. And even if you recognize that you should take a break from social media, it can be difficult to do. For many, doom scrolling can be an addictive stimulus, and it will take some real willpower to break this habit. Turn off your notifications and reflect on the things that truly matter in your life and feel recharged slowly from day to day. 
  • Create a holiday budget and schedule. Make a list and check it twice because you need to know the price. Creating a planned-out calendar and budget can help you start preparing yourself for the New Year already as you can think about things that you want to prioritize early on. 
  • Clean out your room. Don’t wait for December before you go cleaning your room. If you need a sign then this is it. This part is important because after you have gone out to run holiday errands or visited family, you will want to unwind. And there is no better way to unwind than spending it at home with a warm environment keeping you cozy throughout the day. 
  • Arrange your wardrobe. Welcome tranquility in your closet with Made For Me: Calming Seasons graphic tees collection. With a calming palette inspired by nature, this is the perfect way to pay homage to the holidays without doting the loud colors just to keep your peace. 

  • Grab your favorite Made For Me: Calming Seasons tees to complete your serene experience or visit ForMe stores near you to shop the collection today. 


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