Escaping to Serene Shores: Take a Moment with ForMe’s latest summer collection

Featuring silhouettes made from crochet, linen, and tonal striped fabrics, the Serene Shores summer collection is designed for you to stay fun and fresh for all moments you have lined up this summer!
With the pace of city life putting us at constant risk of burnout, the need to safeguard one’s well being and prioritize self-love have become all the more essential.  As a sanctuary for the modern-day woman, ForMe has designed its pieces for the year around a simple but powerful conviction–to encourage every woman to “take a moment for me.” Its philosophy is that every woman can inject moments of self-love, regardless of where they are by simply dressing for themselves. After all, being well put together doesn’t mean compromising comfort–and ForMe’s coming collections are a testament to this.
 The first of these collections is Serene Shores: the Summer collection. It is meant to evoke the feeling of a beach holiday, no matter where you are or what you have lined up. Make the best vacation memories with  pieces meant to cater to every activity you have this summer.
1. Cocktails by the shore? The sleeveless swing dress will surely make you stand out! Let the cool breeze dance around your skin as you take a long-awaited breather with nature.
2. Planning to check out a new café with your friends? With the perfect length and a nice hem detail, count on the striped linen dress to up your outfit game from brunch to afternoon tea!
3. Spending the coming long weekend with your family? We can’t think of anything comfier or more versatile than the crochet flat knit tee. It pairs perfectly with the crochet midi skirt for that sophisticated monochromatic look.
If you’re feeling playful, mix and match them with a variety of tops and bottoms that are included in the collection: pants and trousers, a midi skirt, an asymmetric skort, a classic button-down shirt, a classy sleeveless collared tee… regardless of your destination or activity, you’re sure to find the perfect combo!
4. Your alone time is of course essential too so don’t forget to treat yourself to a relaxing pamper day. Put the cross-back midi dress on for an effortlessly chic look!
Whether in big or small ways, and regardless of your lifestyle, prioritizing yourself is a choice to make everyday. And with ForMe’s latest styles you’re sure to spend your summer holiday in-style.