Find Your Perfect Denim Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Find Your Perfect Denim Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Denim is an easy non-negotiable whether you’re a fashion girl or not. So, if you’re looking for the perfect denim piece to add to your wardrobe, might as well take your style cues from the stars right? Find your perfect denim style, according to your zodiac sign now, #ForMe Girls.  


No one’s more easy-going in the bunch than you, Aries gal. So, pick a denim style that’s just as ~chill~ as you are like a pair of trendy mom jeans .

Patched mom jeans P1198


Taking it from Hannah Montana, Taurus girl, “You’re a true friend. You’re [always there] till the end.” That’s why, when it comes to denim, you prefer styles that are reliable just like you. And a pair of comfy garterizedjeans is a no-fail.
Comfy garterized jeans P898


One minute you’re craving for some me-time, but you could be searching for fun adventures the next. Geminis are almost always up for anything and your denim should be able to adapt to your always changing plans, too.

Swingy chambray shorts P798


Cancer girls are sweet and sensitive. And while denim is usually edgy and street, a chambray top with frilly bows is right up your alley.

Frilly chambray top P998


Fun and fearless, Leo, you need a pair of denim that shows exactly that. A pair of pearly jeans perhaps?

Pearl studded jeans P1298


Considerate and practical, a pair of classic blue seamless jeans is an easy choice for you, Virgo girl!

Seamless jeans P1298


Forever thoughtfuland the peacekeeper of the group, you dislike complications and prefer things to be easy breezy. Skip the pants and go for a flowy denim midi to go with yourgraceful personality.

Button-front midi skirt P1298


One word: brave. Pick a bold pair of fringed jeans that arejust as fearless as you are and show the world that you’ve got edge and flair, Scorpio gal!

Fringed denim P1,198


No oneand we mean no one says noto adventures from the Sagitarrius group. Throw in a versatile denim jacket to your OOTD and have fun.

Wear anywhere denim jacket P1498


You’re an easy, no-frills, come-as-you-are type of girl,Cap. In the denim scene, a pair of mom’s undone hem jeans is your no-brainer counterpart.

Undone hem jeans P1198


One thing’s for sure, you aren’t afraid to be different. In fact, you crave originality, Aquarius! Make your denim game stand out from the crowd and pick one with a trendy side stripe detail. What do you say?

Straight cut jeans with side stripe detail P1098


You love the classics but aren’t afraid to add a little bit of artsy to things. For you, an updated mini is your best bet.

High low mini P898