FORME SUN CREAM: Every Question You Have, Answered

FORME SUN CREAM: Every Question You Have, Answered

What’s the most effective way to prevent sun damage to your skin? It’s simply staying out of the sun! But avoiding the sun is a horrible way to spend your time, especially when the sun’s rays are partially responsible for lifting your mood.

So, what’s the best thing we have to protect the surface of our skin and the many layers underneath? The ForMe Sun Cream. Every sunblock can protect you from the harmful UV rays that cause sun damage – it can also protect you from pigmentation (sun spots), and darkened or leathery skin. But there’s not quite like the ForMe Sun Cream that could keep your skincare routine easier by having a sunscreen with added tinted benefit, so here’s the answer to every question you have about it. 


1. How much SPF does it have? 

Dermatologists recommend that everyone use a sunblock with at least SPF 30. With the ForMe Sun Cream having SPF 50+ PA+++, it blocks 98% of the UVA and UVB rays that penetrate harmful effects on your skin, and its broad spectrum sunscreen is also known as “Superscreens”. The PA+ signifies the strength of protection your product can offer which means the ForMe Sun Cream with PA+++ can offer the best protection.

2. Is it safe for daily use?

Yes! While nearly all beauty products use some kind of preservatives to last longer, paraben-free cosmetics are safer to use as there are no harmful chemicals that have become part of the formula. It’s also a fragrance-free mineral sun cream which is designed to protect you from any harsh side effects caused by a chemical SPF. The best part? It’s 100% vegan.

3. Are there benefits to using it?

Of course! The ForMe Sun Cream has Squalane and Glycerine so it offers a moisturizing agent that keeps your skin hydrated, and keeps your skin balanced to prevent dryness. It’s infused with Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3 that strengthens skin barriers by boosting ceramide production, keeps your skin at moisture level, reduces inflammation and pore size/appearance, and regulates your sebum (oil) production. Niacinamide has been formulated in our Sun Cream to have a weightless texture that blends invisibly into your skin – no matter your skin tone – all while providing you the highest levels of protection.

Ingredients used in ForMe Sun Cream are non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores. It also comes in three shades: Vanilla, Butterscotch, and Almond which caters to a wider variety of skin tones. 


4. Awesome! How much can I buy it for?

The ForMe Sun Cream only costs P498, and it’s available at ForMe’s official website, Shopee, Lazada, and selected stores near you!

Now that’s settled, it’s time to buy your ForMe Sun Cream. It’s no excuse to not have sun protection with you this holiday season so save a little room in your luggage for sun protection that will, in turn, protect you!