Glamping At Its Best: How To Dress For Your Next Trip

Glamping At Its Best: How To Dress For Your Next Trip

The initial idea of sleeping on a mud and amongst insects is a major adjustment to us all. Even now, sometimes the thought of pitching a tent in the woods would not be your first choice for a relaxing vacation. However, with the concept of glamping becoming popular in the past years, we finally found the sweet spot between embracing nature and having access to a functioning toilet. Plus, glamping outfits perfectly speak to our fashion girl tendencies for wanting to appear polished and cute, even if we’re about to trek through mud.

Admit it, you stand by your own code of looking your best while out in the woods – we feel you! And if you’re out glamping with the girls, here are the perfect city-gal-meets-nature looks to wear from our Hints of Prints collection. 

When the great outdoors call, it’s best to think of versatility in your choice of clothing as it is the most important thing so you can be ready for unexpected weather or activities. Be ready to pack a cute printed top and shorts you can hang out and be comfortable in. Remember: COMFORT is your motto while you pack for your glamping experience. If you find your bag rather full, look over your selects.

These are the items you can wear for that real dream glamping outfit – drawing inspiration from the adventures in nature this season. 

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