Peace Out: 4 Things You Can Do For A Better Day

Peace Out: 4 Things You Can Do For A Better Day

On some days, it may feel as if you’re carrying a huge rock and you’re stuck in the same position. You may feel a constant feeling of exhaustion combined with stress and fear for what tomorrow will bring. We’ve all been there — a rollercoaster of emotions that may seem too hard to handle. But here’s what we’ll tell you: you’ll get through it, as you always have.

Now, we’re not experts but here are some tips that might help (from your ForMe besties):

1. Choose your battles wisely.

Ask yourself this, “Is this worth stressing over?” While we all have different levels of tolerance for stress, it’s important to think whether the issue at hand is something that will matter a few years from now. If it’s not, take a deep breath, let it pass, and let it go.

2. Be kind to yourself.

We cannot stress this enough — you are your own hero. Being kind to yourself won’t cost you that much, sis. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself, how beautiful you are — tell the person in the mirror how much you love her. Do it for you.

3.Take some time to unwind and slow down.

Take care of yourself by doing things you love, even if it’s just a small deed. Grab a cup of coffee, treat yourself to a good meal, shop new clothes, explore a new hobby - the options are endless. You owe it to yourself to take a break.

4. Be happy - for you and the people around you.

Have fun, savor every euphoric moment, and find joy even in the smallest of things. Be happy with what others have accomplished and share this happiness with them.

Take charge of your life and choose peace and happiness as much as you can. Remember that you’re worth more than every stress and problem you face combined. Chin up, smiles on - you got this, girl!

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