You’d Love to Wear These Outfits For Valentines Day

You’d Love to Wear These Outfits For Valentines Day

With only a week left, the pressure is definitely on for picking an outfit for your Valentines date (yes, even when we’re also staying safely at home!). Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, hanging out with your girl friends, or celebrating the day solo, dolling up is one way of showing your love! Whatever look you are going for, here are some outfits you can try for the special day!

Just Keep It Neutral

You can never go wrong with neutral shades! Make sure to pick the right accessories for your outfit and a natural no-makeup look for a picnic in the garden.

Floor It with Florals

Look sassy and sweet with dressy florals while having dinner on your balcony! You could use a bit of glow to highlight your cheekbones that will definitely keep your date’s eyes on you.

Bring Out The Mag-chic In Classic

Get that classic chic look even without your favorite LBD! Highlight your silhouette with an all black outfit that will surely give you a boost of confidence for your fancy dinner at home.

Casually Steal Their Gaze

Keep it casual with a pair of your favorite tee and comfy clothes that will keep you stylish and cozy for a Netflix date kind of night! Don’t be surprised if their eyes are locked on you instead of the movie, though!

Make An Impression With Prints

Have fun on your board game date night with a printed top and button-down skirt outfit! If cute and pretty in photos is what you’re aiming for, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Get Red-y For Valentines

Last but not least, you don’t need to look further and take your best red outfit from your closets! We can all agree that nothing beats a classic red get-up for the love month.

Which outfit are you wearing for Valentines Day? We hope we didn’t make it harder for you to pick because we know that “They’re all pretty! I can’t decide!” feeling, too!

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