Our first step towards sustainable fashion, making conscious consumerism the norm.

We’re on a mission to producing mindfully-crafted garments that are sourced in better ways, from better materials – using natural and upcycled resources.

> Because materials matter, we are working our way to using eco-friendly materials -— listening to the needs of our planet and making greener and kinder choices.

> As our commitment to social responsibility, we’ve shifted to recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable tags and labels for our REFORME Collection.


Certified Organic Cotton Jersey and Certified Organic Cotton Spandex

Conventional cotton production takes up 3% of global water use.  Organic cotton uses 88% less water and uses 62% less energy.
Organic cotton is processed without chemicals and does not contain pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Linen Rayon Blend

It takes 22,000L to produce a kilogram of cotton and 2,700L of water to produce a conventional cotton shirt.
It only takes 854L of water to produce a kilogram each of rayon and linen and only 6.4L of water to produce a linen shirt.

Linen Rayon blend is biodegradable and recyclable.

Linen is a 100% natural and sustainable fabric made from the flax plant. On the other hand, rayon is a semi-synthetic plant derived from plant/wood cellulose — more sustainable than synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon.

Source: https://blogs.nicholas.duke.edu/citizenscientist/the-fabric-for-our-lives/

Recycled Denim

Made using an innovative technique that involves upcycling plastics into denim fabric.

Plastic bottles are collected, ground, then melted into pellets which are spun into polyester yarn. From here, the recycled polyester is blended with cotton and stretchy elastane to create the flexible denim you love.

Source: https://www.jeanswest.com.au/blog-repreve-denim.html